“The experiences of hearing the ensemble in concert are simply breathtaking. They remove me from the world of the roaring traffic's boom into a world of both beauty and excitement. The profound and soaring beauty of the talented voices in HVAE reaches into and moves one's brain like perhaps no other performance art can.” — A Longtime Patron, 2011 • • • “A Luxuriant Sonic Delight” — Joseph Rothstein, Honolulu Advertiser • • • “The performances are crisp, harmonic, seductive—in a traditional no frills manner.” — Wayne Harada, Honolulu Advertiser • • • “Wow...You all have done it again! The blend was wonderful for each section and the chorus as a whole. The sopranos sounded especially angelic.” — 2007 patron • • • “The orchestra, the choir, and the star singers were outstanding” — 2007 patron • • • “I still cannot find words to express the depth of my response to the power and beauty of the evening.” — 2007 patron • • •


Now in our twenty-fourth season, Hawai'i Vocal Arts Ensemble (HVAE) is known for its tonal beauty and imaginative programming. Led by Music Director Timothy Carney, we are dedicated to bringing great performances of significant choral music to as wide an audience as possible.

Join us for Beautiful music this weekend.

Masterworks Festival Mystical Rose
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